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Describe a city you went to with your family.

You should say when it happened, where you went to, how it was, and explain why you liked it.

My family and I always had a dream vacation of going to New York City, better known as the Big Apple, the concrete jungle where dreams come true. I would have to say that those were some of the best days of my life. It was around Christmas time, so I really wanted to see the ducked out New York that we had always seen on TV. Let me tell you how it was. So, by the end of 2018, we caught a flight from Portland to New York. I have to say that New Yorkers truly have the Christmas spirit.

All of the city looked like a fairy tale from Disney movies. While we were wandering around the city, we saw a huge Christmas tree full of beautiful lights and a sparkling star on top. It really took us back to the Home Alone movies. Seeing all of the Christmas decorations was the most outstanding part of the trip. Actually, it made me feel emotional to be standing there experiencing this with my family. It touched all of our hearts a lot. In conclusion, this trip really took my breath away.

 Do you think cities worth visiting is also suitable to live in?

Yes, I do. They are worth visiting for a reason. Whether they have iconic locations or fantastic restaurants, I would say that a city is not only worth visiting, but is also worth living. I’m a fan of the countryside too, but I always like to check out the capital city of a country too. Do people in your country like to travel? People in my country do love to travel a lot, mainly to Europe because you can breathe culture and history in every single country you visit. And all countries are so small over there that you can go through one of them in just four hours of driving.

That’s fantastic. How has traveling changed compared to several decades ago?

Well, several decades ago, traveling was more of a luxury option for people with a lot of money. Nowadays, it has changed and become more accessible to the middle class. You can easily get a round-trip ticket to Paris for less than $200. Before, that was bananas. When do people travel? Who do they usually go with? When people travel, they usually go with friends or family. Those ways are the most common. But for me, the best way to travel is by yourself. It’s becoming more common for people to travel alone, but for me especially because I love the feeling of being able to do whatever I please at any given moment.

Do you think the Internet has had an effect on people’s traveling behavior today?

It has deeply affected the way people travel, particularly in the way people buy plane tickets and lay out their days at destination. Thanks to the Internet, now you can buy plane tickets immediately. All you need to have is a credit or debit card. People also pick up their destination and determine what to do each day based on the information they find online. If you were going to go on a trip, what essential modern technology would you take with you and why? One of the essentials on my trips is my phone. I can’t survive without it. It brings me so much information about my destination, like how to get there and what to see. To be honest, I’d be completely lost without Google Maps. I need all of that information right in the palm of my hand to be able to proceed with my trip.

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