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Describe a famous person, not from your country, who you would like to meet.
You should say, where this person comes from, how you first learned about him or her, why or how this person is famous, and explain why you would like to meet this person.

Today, I’m going to talk about Ho Chi Minh, someone who I possess a profound respect for. Because of my country’s involvement with Vietnam, we started to study him from a very young age, around 8th grade if I remember correctly. Well, anyway, he was the first president of Vietnam who led the whole nation to independence. Since I’ve always been interested in him, I have seen a lot of films and read a lot of books about him. He was always my greatest idol to read up on. The reason why he is well-known is because Ho Chi Minh devoted himself to the nation of Vietnam. If he had not been born in Vietnam, their countries could have been invaded by others. Needless to say, I admire him for a number of reasons. Firstly, President Ho was a very determined man.

He showed his determination at a very young age when he decided to travel to France to obtain knowledge, hoping to find a way to rescue the nation. During his journey, he did various jobs to survive despite many difficulties. Following his example, I have been working very hard to chase my dream until I can finally achieve it. Secondly, I know that Uncle Ho was very good at foreign languages. He could speak fluently 15 languages. In fact, I have been studying English for ages, but I haven’t been satisfied with my English.  I think we can all draw a lot from his example. Because of all these reasons, I wish I could go back in time to meet him. I can imagine myself drinking tea with him while he shared his wisdom with me. Ho Chi Minh is an all-around respectable man.

. How do people become famous?

The mass media makes people famous. In my country, it’s people who work in the film, sports, and music industries that become more famous than others. It is mainly because their jobs are in the public. Their career is all about performing to the satisfaction of others. They would not have a job if nobody watched their work. So, if they are talented, they will become famous automatically. Many politicians in my country are also famous, especially those who appear on mainstream TV.

What are the situations when people become famous?

As people in the film, sports, politics, or music industry are the ones who become famous, it’s usually when they do something big that makes them famous. By something big, it doesn’t have to be something positive. For example, some sports stars attract fame when they do something criminal in their lives, causing elevated media coverage of them. On the other hand, people become famous for having a unique talent or personality, or when they accomplish something big. More specifically, a politician becomes famous when he is the first to do something, such as legalize gay marriage or make peace from a major war. All in all, fame comes from standing out from others.

  Do you think there are any drawbacks to being famous?

One obvious drawback of being famous is that you will lose your privacy. You won’t be able to go anywhere in public without the paparazzi following you, then publicly scrutinizing you. Another drawback is that your personal life will become common knowledge to the general public. I’ve noticed that many famous people get really tired of it and start using heavy drugs, which leads me to believe that they may feel isolated from the real world. I’m sure that fame isn’t always glitter and gold.

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