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Describe a regular thing you do every day.
You should say what you do, when and where you do it, how long you spend doing it, and explain why you always do this thing. Since the start of 2019, I promised myself to exercise more to lead a healthy lifestyle. So far so good. Let me tell you about my usual workout routine. Well, luckily my apartment complex has a fitness center, so I use this gym the most often, as it’s extremely convenient. Additionally, I have a gym membership at another fitness club, as well as exercise outdoors on days with pleasant weather. When I go to the gym, I usually spend 30-60 minutes doing cardio, in which I alternate between the bicycle, treadmill, and elliptical.

After this, I move on to some light weightlifting to help tone my body. For example, I do some tricep exercises to thin out my arms, or some crunches to harden up my abs. So between the cardio and weightlifting, I spend about an hour and 15 minutes at the gym per day. I do this because it benefits my mental and physical health. Exercise releases endorphins, which cause you to feel happier. Furthermore, I feel more confident when I work out. Also, I feel that I have more leeway on what I can eat when I exercise, as I’m known for having a sweet tooth. Lastly, I’ve been wanting to shed some extra pounds, so exercise definitely aids in this. All in all, there’s no way to argue that exercising is loaded with benefits.

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