Describe a toy you got in your childhood

پادکستDescribe a toy you got in your childhoodبا مکالمه ای جذاب برای شماست.اگر به دنبال تقویت مهارت اسپیکینگ ایتلس هستید این پادکست میتونه انتخاب خوبی برای شما باشد. پس از گوش دادن به پادکستDescribe a toy you got in your childhood ، تمرین های آن را پاسخ داده، تا تسلط بیشتری روی آن پیدا کنید. سپس متن و ترجمه پادکست را مطالعه فرمایید. سوالات خود را در دیدگاه برای اساتید ما بیان کنید.

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Describe a toy you got in your childhood.

You should say what it was, when you got it, how you got it, and how you felt about it. As a child, I enjoyed playing outside and going for hikes with my dogs more than anything else. However, I can
remember one specific toy that left a mark on me. I recall having a super powerful action figure. It was a Superman. Those little toys you play with for countless hours with your friends in the backyard. I often brought him along on the hikes with me, until one day, unfortunately, my dog chewed him up and broke him. I got that action figure when I was just three years old, and my grandfather gave it to me after we saw the Superman movie in theaters.

My grandfather knew it would make my birthday to get that toy, so he especially picked it out for me. I remember being so happy about it, and I squeezed him so tightly. That small toy put a big smile on my face and helped me to have a fun day and night. I loved that toy so much before my dog chewed him up. In conclusion, I’ll never forget that day.

Do you think it’s good for children to play many computer games?

I think it’s good for children to play, but not just computer games. I’m talking about sports or playing with action figures, dolls, or toy cars. Just computer games can be limiting and time-consuming. However, maybe some chess or logic games on a computer can be beneficial to a child’s learning.

How do you think a child can benefit from playing a child’s game?

A child can widely benefit from a child’s game, like hide-and-seek or jump rope, because these games help them with their motion control and it exercises them. Furthermore, logical games like chess, cards, puzzles, or checkers can improve a child’s reasoning and problem-solving skills. Lastly, bilingual games help children to develop language skills effectively from a young age.

Which do you think is better, for children to play with toys alone or with other kids?

I think sharing in general is important for everyone, especially kids. The ability to interact with other human beings is crucial for the mind to develop, and playing with another kid i part of it. It reminds me of the Superman figure I got when I was a kid. Me and my friends really enjoyed it. It’s important for kids to learn how to share.

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