پادکست Math با مکالمه ای جذاب برای شماست.اگر به دنبال تقویت مهارت اسپیکینگ ایتلس هستید این پادکست میتونه انتخاب خوبی برای شما باشد. پس از گوش دادن به پادکست Math ، تمرین های آن را پاسخ داده، تا تسلط بیشتری روی آن پیدا کنید. سپس متن و ترجمه پادکست را مطالعه فرمایید. سوالات خود را در دیدگاه برای اساتید ما بیان کنید.

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  1. ابتدا بدون استفاده از متن پادکست / Script به پادکست گوش دهید.
  2. خلاصه پادکست را برای خود بنویسید تا درک درستی از محتوا  و درک مطلب پادکست داشته باشید.
  3. لیستی از  کلمات جدید را از پادکست برای خود ایجاد کنید .
  4. در آزمون کوتاه پادکست شرکت کنید.
  5. در آخر می توانید به متن و ترجه فارسی پادکست رجوع کنید.


?Do you like math

Not at all. Math has always been my worst subject. While I can write an amazing essay or learn foreign languages easily, I can’t seem to understand numbers very well. I always feel stressed and frustrated with myself in math’s class for not being able to think logically.

?Do you think females are good at math

Hmm, I can’t say. I haven’t noticed whether gender is better tha the other at math. However, I’ve heard the stereotype that women don’t tend to think as logically as men, so maybe this affects their mathematical abilities.

?When did you start learning math

Since I was six years old, maybe even five. I remember doing some basic addition activities such as counting chickens on the board. After that, we progressed on to subtraction, then even multiplication tables and division.

?Do you think math is important

Yes, I do. However, I don’t think that advanced math subjects such as calculus, trigonometry, geometry, etc. are very applicable in day-to-day life. On the other hand, basic math such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are something that we use every day, such as at the grocery store or work.

?Who taught you math

My teachers with my parents help at home. It all started with very basic equations like, if I take away one of these jelly beans, how many are there? Which my parents practice with me at home also. But first and foremost, it started at school.

?Is math difficult for you to learn

Totally. I tend to have a more abstract brain, so I’m more apt to subjects like art, literature, or music. Math was always the class I would dread all day. Actually, I even failed geometry in high school.

?Do you like to use a calculator

Yes. Calculators have made life much more convenient. Thinking back, I can’t remember a time without them. I remember my high school algebra teacher didn’t believe in them, which made the class even more of a challenge. However, I agree with her to an extent because it strengthened my mental math skills.

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