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 Travelling. Do you like travelling?

Oh, I adore it. I definitely caught the travel bug after my first trip abroad in 2011 to Australia. Since I first discovered the thrill of being lost in a new place, I’ve become an avid traveller. Do you like travelling long distance? Yes, I do. I don’t mind the long flights or jet lag whatsoever. I’m thrilled by discovering other cultures and customs completely opposite from my homeland. Actually, I never fear what’s foreign to me. Do you often travel by plane? Several times a year, sometimes even once a month. I’m a travel addict, so I always have my next plane trip booked to keep me going. Although I don’t have a high salary, I always find a way to fly via discount airlines and saving year-round. Would you say your country is a good place for tourists to visit? For sure. We have a wide range of ecosystems, from the Amazon rainforest, the Iguazu waterfalls, to the pristine coastlines. Brazil has so much rich culture and festivals to offer to tourists, not to mention the warm, fun-loving people.

In which season do you prefer to travel?

As I have four weeks of vacation in the winter, I prefer to travel during this time. I usually spend Christmas with my family in Brazil, then travel around to my neighboring countries. Actually, last year I traveled to Canada, and this year I will go to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand.

What was the first travel of your life?

Fortunately, the first trip I ever took abroad was to Australia. My parents sent me to stay with a host family in Australia to learn English while I traveled. Along with Australia, I visited New Zealand and the islands of Fiji. Where do you plan to travel next? This coming year, I have a trip planned to Southeast Asia, to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand with my husband. We will begin in Bangkok and discover the islands and elephant sanctuaries of Thailand, then move on to Hanoi, Vietnam, and ride motorbikes to the south. Then enter Cambodia to visit Angkor Wat and Phnom Penh. I can’t wait to discover this part of the world.

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