پادکستTrust با مکالمه ای جذاب برای شماست.اگر به دنبال تقویت مهارت اسپیکینگ ایتلس هستید این پادکست میتونه انتخاب خوبی برای شما باشد. پس از گوش دادن به پادکست Trust ، تمرین های آن را پاسخ داده، تا تسلط بیشتری روی آن پیدا کنید. سپس متن و ترجمه پادکست را مطالعه فرمایید. سوالات خود را در دیدگاه برای اساتید ما بیان کنید.

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?Trust. Who do you trust most

I would have to say my father. Although we have our differences, I know he is 100% someone I can count on. I feel that I can tell him any secret, and I know he would never spill the beans to anyone. He is a very trustworthy and sincere person.

?What kind of people do you trust

I trust people who are transparent, those who are open with their emotions. When I feel someone keeps everything inside, I wonder what it is they have to hide, so naturally my trust lessens. Furthermore, I trust people who aren’t always just looking to gain something for themselves, and someone who doesn’t have a criminal background, especially involving theft.

?Have you ever lost trust in someone

Of course. In high school, my best friend and I were attached at the hip. We used to have sleepovers almost every weekend, until one day my mother discovered that my friend was stealing money from her savings jar. Since that day, I felt I couldn’t trust someone who would take advantage of my mother, who always opened her home to my friend.

Do you trust artificial intelligence?

Hmm, that’s an interesting question. Well, I believe that technology nowadays is advanced enough to create artificial intelligence, but I wouldn’t say it’s equal to human intelligence. While a robot may be better on paper, they lack feelings, which leads me to believe they aren’t emotionally and or socially intelligent, which ties everything together. So, all in all, I’m not overly trusting of artificial intelligence.

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